Gourmet Meal Gifts

Gourmet food is a thoughtful and nourishing gift for your loved ones, co-workers, employees or a friend in need! Thank you for supporting our local farmers and fisherman!

  • For the time being we are taking orders by email at themainemeal@gmail.com. See menu page.
  • We will start delivering and shipping your gourmet meal gifts beginning Monday, December 18th (unless specified for a later date).
  • We are delivering and shipping IN-STATE ONLY at this time. 
  • Delivery and shipping charges apply.


Gift Certificates

Gift Certificates are perfect for the holidays or any special occasion.

They can be made for any amount $10 or above. We suggest $30 or more for a couple and $50 or more for a family of four.


Gift a Gourmet Meal CSA Membership

Follow instructions on the Menu Page. We will make sure that the recipient receives your gift on time, If you want a special note included please give us a call!



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